The Passion of Politics

“The most important book of the year”

–  Miriam Lyons, Director of think tank, the Centre for Policy Development

‘Lindy Edwards powerfully shows how politics can be understood as a passionate confrontation of ideas and ideologies. This book gives us a new and compelling way to think about the past, present, and future of Australian politics.’

– Professor John Dryzek, Australian National University

Reading The Passion of Politics I felt involved, I was engaged and prodded to think more deeply about my ideas, our history and our future….Edwards takes us on a journey to the depths of is clearly written, easy to follow and with an important message about the future of politics …. Her analysis of future debates about the environment is quite brilliant and is icing on the cake of an excellent publication.

 – Geoff Gallop Former Premier of Western Australia.

The case is convincing, and gives a well-rounded picture about beliefs behind current political ideas. Lindy Edwards reveals just how vital ideas are to understanding the defining turning points of Australian politics. The academic rightly claims that politics is intimately entwined with our values and sparks heated passions and it also taps into our most deeply held principles.

– Public Service News Review by Rama Gaind


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