How to Argue with an Economist

Book CoverBook Cover 2nd Ed     Dr Edwards wrote this book while working as an economist in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.  It created a sensation in political and public policy circles when it was first published. It was a popular best seller, that was listed in the broadsheet newspapers’ recommended Christmas present lists and summer reading guides. It also went on to become a significant book in the New Political Economy field with over 70 academic citations.

What Reviewers said:

“sublime” – Australian Book Review

“Even if you’ve never contemplated arguing with an economist – indeed especially then – you should read this book” – The Australian Financial Review Magazine

“This book should be consumed by every political actor or study of politics or economics”- The Australian Newspaper

“An excellent book that deserves to be widely read…a book that combines passionate argument with generosity and fairmindedness” – Economics Society of Australia

“Yes! Finally, a book that slags – in a penetrating and accessible way – that stark edifice ‘economic rationalism'” – The Age Newspaper

“When you read this book it seems so obvious. No one outside this culture is going to realize how shattering it is” – Treasury Economist


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