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Dr Lindy Edwards

Dr Lindy Edwards is a political scientist at the University of New South Wales. She wrote How to Argue with an Economist (2002, 2007) based on her time as an economic adviser in the Prime Minister’s Department. She writes regularly for The Age.


Whitefellas fail to grasp reality

21 Nov 2012 – Abbott’s attempts to explain ‘authentic aborigines’ was more than just rude.

Ideas do matter in game of politics

18 Oct 2012 – How our politicians view the world has a direct impact on people’s everyday lives.

Illustration: John Spooner.

Playing the sexism card

Lindy Edwards Julia Gillard has carefully avoided pulling out the sexism card – until Tuesday. But now it is out there it is time to reflect on what sexism is, and is not, and whether the PM can really direct it…

Lindy Edwards

In Labor’s death throes, Gillard might remake our politics

Lindy_EdwardsLindy Edwards The PM is using a strategy not seen in politics for a generation.

Lindy Edwards

A sprinkling of hope, but pain will linger

lindy edwardsLindy Edwards The size of the deficit should not be the major concern.

Lindy Edwards

Strategically, Labor lost sight of simple heart of matter

Lindy EdwardsLindy Edwards The ALP was undone by party strategists’ loss of belief in democracy.

Comments 46

Lindy Edwards

Winning votes is all about issue control

Lindy Edwards Labor is limited by the fear it will split its core constituency.

Comments 4

Lindy Edwards

Keeping it real on asylum seekers

Lindy EdwardsLindy Edwards Labor is bleeding voters over the refugee issue. They are losing supporters who advocate a more compassionate view to the Greens, but they are losing people who want the boats stopped to the…

Comments 158

Lindy Edwards

Rudd remake: promise less, deliver more

Lindy Edwards By opting for caution, the PM injects realism into his message.

Comments 12

The self-proclaimed heir can’t recapture Howard’s appeal

Lindy Edwards Tony Abbott looks to have made his version of John McCain’s “Sarah Palin blunder”, but that is not his greatest challenge as he endeavours to create a new conservative party.

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Lindy Edwards

The Liberals’ broad church threatens to become a chasm

Lindy Edwards The Liberals might be able to paper over their differences on climate change, but there is a deeper split that will be harder to overcome.

Comments 22

Lindy Edwards

Hockey best of the bunch, but too green to be top banana

Lindy Edwards The Liberals have to learn not to promote leaders too early.

Comments 3

Lindy Edwards

We are not British – that’s why a republic is so important

flagLindy Edwards The 10th anniversary of the referendum reminded me that I should dust off the old ”Young Australians for a Republic” banner in the shed and drop it off at the national archives.

Comments 51

Lindy Edwards

Shared civic values can unite cultures

Lindy Edwards A flick through the citizenship test booklets, produced first by the Howard government and now by the Rudd Government, leave one marvelling at how almost the same technical content can be presented…

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Lindy Edwards

Mere words do not make a credible storyline, Mr Turnbull

Lindy Edwards The embattled Coalition leader does not know how to play the game.

Comments 3

Lindy Edwards

Shrinking safety net for jobless

Lindy EdwardsLindy Edwards Australia is heading down the path of becoming a society with an ever-deepening chasm between rich and poor.

Comments 17

Lindy Edwards

When faced with a good idea, our politicians just see trouble

Lindy Edwards The simplicity of public debate does not foster innovative thinking.

Comments 7

Lindy Edwards

Rudd the social democrat must confront underemployment

Lindy Edwards The PM should be judged on his response to this growing problem.

Lindy Edwards

Australia has much to celebrate in its seemingly boring history

Lindy Edwards Equality may be bad for the economy, but the alternative is worse.

Lindy Edwards

Greed no longer good in the fickle world of economic fashion

Lindy Edwards Thinking ethically may be the shake-up that allows us all to prosper.

Lindy Edwards

A melting pot may be best path to unity

Lindy Edwards Treating cultures as a homogenous group doesn’t reflect reality.

Lindy Edwards

Letting the free market loose on climate change carries risk

Lindy Edwards The proposed emissions trading scheme squibs on the hard decisions.

Lindy Edwards

Behind the racism of White Australia lay a grand vision

Lindy EdwardsLindy Edwards We must make peace with the atrocities committed in its name.

Lindy Edwards

Alternatives to Rudd’s debt policy are just too depressing

Lindy Edwards The Government needs a change of tack to repel the rhetoric over debt.

Lindy Edwards

Rudd’s budget plans draw a line in the sand

Kevin RuddLindy Edwards The PM could make his mark on history or land us in trouble.


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