Response to ADFA Concerns

Dear Mr McMahon, Thank you for your email. I am not sure if you checked the context of the quote Andrew Bolt published. It appeared in an article written nearly a year ago in a week in which there had been football sex scandals, defence sex scandals, and our then Prime Minister had been referred […]

What Should I Believe In?

‘What should I believe in?” That was the question that prompted me to begin writing The Passion of Politics. I remember I had the first inkling of the book wandering past the reflections pool in Parliament House carrying the contents of my desk in a cardboard box. In my time in Parliament House I had […]

The Passion of Politics has been Released!

Behind the slanging matches on the evening news lies a world of passionate conflict over political ideas and values. This engaging book unlocks these ideas helping to explain why we love some politicians and loathe others. It explains the big ideas by looking at the controversies that define Australian politics. It explores issues from gay […]