University Academics

This book is able to be used as a teaching text, while it also seeks to make a serious scholarly argument about the importance of the study of ideology in not only understanding contemporary politics, but also in understanding the different methods and approaches in the politics discipline.


This book is a fantastic way to introduce students to the study of politics. It has been the basis of very popular courses at the Australian National University and the University of New South Wales.

‘This course was the highlight of my degree – best course ever!’ – Anonymous Student Evaluation 

The two greatest complements I can make are that I feel more educated after doing your course and you have sparked a previously absent interest in Australian politics/ history /ideology’. – Student Email

If you are interested in using the book for teaching you can get:

  • Free Review Copy  here
  • Teaching Resources – including powerpoints, historic images, music of the political movements and assessment are available by emailing Dr Edwards.

Scholarly Argument

This book seeks to be part of an intellectual movement that is seeking to reinvigorate the study of political ideology as being central to the politics discipline. It seeks to demonstrate the power and importance of understanding ideology for understanding both practical politics, and political science methodology. It also seeks to outline a set of analytical frameworks and a research agenda for the future study of ideology.

The book identifies itself with the work springing out of the Centre for Political Ideologies at Oxford, and the Journal of Political Ideologies.

Some additional resources for engaging with the scholarly argument.

“The Importance of the Study of Ideology to the Study of Politics”, Australian Political Science Association Conference Paper, Hobart 2012.

Complete Bibliography for the book


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