About Lindy Edwards


Dr Lindy Edwards has worked at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, was a policy adviser to Natasha Stott Despoja when she led the Australian Democrats, and has been press gallery journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald. She currently teaches in the Politics Program at the University of NSW and is a regular writer for The Age.

She is the author of the bestseller How to Argue with an Economist: Re-opening political debate in Australia, Cambridge University Press, 2002 & 2007, which was based on her time working in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

You can follow her on

Twitter: Dr_L_Edwards

Or on Facebook; http://www.facebook.com/lindy.edwards.9?ref=tn_tnmn

For media contacts:cmu@adfa.edu.au
Telephone: +61 2 6268 850


2 thoughts on “About Lindy Edwards

  1. A thousand thanks for your truly helpful article in today’s Age -Twisted Ideas… Please please keep talking non stop to the widest media possible before September 14- You articulate and help all women and men who care about others and are desperate for a civil political culture to block the influence of people abusers in our midst. You give me new hope in this global fight for women worldwide so deserving of taking over leadership.

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